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Holy crap!

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I completely forgot about this waste of digital space. ah well I found it again and like to waste time.

So recap:

Second Xbox 360 fried on me. The first one i blew up, it made a nicey green flame as that sin was cleansed from this earth, the second xbox i broke into ity bity bits with a sledgehammer, Ironically Hammertime was playing on my ipod at the time. so 3rd xbox 360 now, still gives me the shits, but its like an abusive relationship. No matter how much it beats you and makes you its bitch you keep going back to it. Modern Warfare 2 Is exactly the same, spousal abuse on a disk. At first i was frustrated because the game didnt have the online region select option CoD:WaW had, but now the new matchmaking system has been forced on everyone i get angry with a bit more time between games.

Wisdom teeth, holy fucking shit they hurt, ive been high on nurofen for a month now and only 17 more months until our failure of a health system in new south wales can do something about it. I’ll be 21 by the time the man in the white coat takes the pain away.

Employment, Kuenhe Nagel, german/swiss logistics company are my best option at the moment, probably be a hassle to get to, the job will be painful to learn and the pay will be shite for the first 2 years, but on the upside. THERE WILL BE PAY!

Now Ive remembered about this blog ill be updating it, until then



Written by thealphamonkey

May 13, 2010 at 1:05 pm

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