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Hello non existent readers,

I bring to you a Blog dedicated to the useleness off day to day life and how we struggle to amuse ourselves. Imagination plays a big part to me and so ill be writing down my strange ideas and dreams for you to scowl and criticize. kind of like masterchef, but nobody wins and Matt Preston doesnt get a free meal.

First post is about Masterchef.

Julie Goodwin, the lame duck of the competition won last night, much to my fury, I spent about half an hour screaming shenanigans at the top of my lung.
of all the contestants who did you think deserved to win readers? I thought Poh was going to trounce her.  although having a masterchef live one suburb over is kind of cool. even if she is a portly head case with no backbone

I bet all the hobos from gosford will migrate to niagara park after their hibernation.

Julie broke down once every episode. she is not going to cope and the last thing the central coast needs is another restaraunt going under.  Maybe i should apply at Bi Lo and shout at her in person.

The fact that julie won infuriates me further by the fact that she was incompetent enough to be in the bottom three after screwing up royaly more then any other contestant.

when Justine and Chris were eliminated i couldnt believe what I was seeing. they were ,uch more deserving. In my eyes Justine was the masterchef. she was offered a position in the most prestigious restaraunts in FRANCE FOR FUCKS SAKE!

and does Baldylocks have to snarl everytime he talks? gary and matt i think are wonderful judges but george is another story.

In october channel ten is going to run a celebrity masterchef. hopefully someone deserving will win that.

thats all for today children. tommorow hopefully will be a brighter day.

– Alpha


Written by thealphamonkey

July 20, 2009 at 7:26 am

Posted in MasterChef

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